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​Howard Forder, a speaker, technical trainer, courseware writer and coach!

Covering all of North America with his strong technical experience, troubleshooting skills, learner assesement skills and delivery style, Howard is sought after to deliver the next IT training course or consulting gig, classroom or conference. 

Training companies love him because he delivers results. Students love him because they get the skills they need to be confident in their job. Professional, personable, accurate and approchable. No wonder he gets solid bookings all year! Ask about a custom delivery at your company or for your company and Howard will assess your training and consulting needs.

About Us 

Although we would like to think this is a picture of our employees, it is not. Rather, it is a caption of the evaluations we receive on a weekly basis from happy customers. Either in the field after an IT consultation and implementation or from the classroom where learning IT can actually be fun and interesting, even in virtual.

Although this is a stock photo, it is used to protect the identities of our customers and students. Over the past 28 years, Howard has affected thousands in skills upgrades.